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For those that haven’t noticed (or live in a place where it hasn’t happened yet), the weather is changing and we are diving into Spring with the eager anticipation of Summer. Thanks to climate change, that whole process happens a little more unpredictably than a few hundred years ago, but I digress. I can’t help but get at least a little excited. “Why?” You may ask. Well, with Summer comes the field season and traveling!

Over the past several weeks, I’ve been working diligently on setting my travel and fieldwork plans in stone. Initially, I was trying to coordinate several ideas into one grand excursion. Tunisia, Spain, Dublin, Edinburgh, and Cyprus were all potential destinations until a few days ago. After being honest about my budget and the time I have available, I finally came up with a solid itinerary.

Naturally, I will be returning to work with the Apolline Project’s at Aeclanum. I’ll be straddling the roles of trench supervisor and assisting in a new initiative for public archaeology on behalf of the project. To get to southern Italy, I’ll be taking a road trip from Prague with two colleagues and dear friends from the project. After Italy is Cyprus; there I’ll so some work with my alma mater’s project at Idalion, led by a mentor and friend, Dr. Pamela Gaber. The entire adventure should take me about two months in (at least) three countries.

All the planning I’ve been doing has inspired me to write a post sharing how I do it. A lot of people always say “Oh man, I wish I could travel as much as you do,” and I always insist that they can! Traveling isn’t hard if you put your mind to a little maneuvering. So without further ado, here’s my series on how to travel like me:

  1. My Travel Guide: (Mental) Prep & Conceptualizing
  2. My Travel Guide: Getting There
  3. My Travel Guide: Being There and Coming Back

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