Field Season 2016

6/2/16: Arriving in Pollena

6/6/16: How NOT to Visit Pompeii

6/11/16: The Field Season Commences (kind of)!

6/18/16: All in a Day’s (Week’s) Work

6/26/16:Rain Delay (Means long weekend!)

7/6/16: “Is This a Rock?”

7/13/16: “If the Context Extends to China, Then Dig a Hole to China”

7/20/16: “Another day, another context”

7/27/16: Transitions

8/5/16: R&R

8/10/16: “A Familiar Feeling”

8/19/16: “Lessons Learned”

8/28/16: “Layers”

9/8/16: “Tools of the Trade”

9/20/16: Appreciating the Little Finds in Life

10/2/16: “Ending the Season”

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