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  • Where I’ve Been; Where I am; Where I’m going – Part 1

    Where I’ve Been; Where I am; Where I’m going – Part 1

    Hey, everyone! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? OK! It’s probably been something like 4 years since I last wrote?! Oof. I’m genuinely sorry. The past few years have certainly been a lot. There were some ups and downs (and it certainly felt like more “downs” than “ups”). Amidst all of that, I really didn’t […]

  • Rome is Home

    Rome is Home

    When I returned from the 2017 summer field season, I was riding high on optimism for my archaeological career but running on fumes for money. Very fortunately, though, the stars aligned and offered me not one but two promotions in about a month’s time, providing me the means to stabilize my finances. Since this is […]

  • An Island Called Cyprus

    An Island Called Cyprus

    The last 6 months of my life have been a roller-coaster; my physical, mental, and emotional state have hit some new highs and new lows. Without getting into details, that’s my best excuse for the epic delay in concluding my chronicle of last summer’s field season. I’ll be slowly making some changes to The Starving […]

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